"THANK YOU so much for the lovely style and colour consultation! You are absolutely amazing at what you do and I took many tips and lessons from our session today. I have to commend you on adapting well to the online life - you were so organized and I loved every minute of our session. I can't wait to go shopping and apply all your tips and working with the APP to choose the best colours for my skin. Thank you for opening my eyes to the finer details in style!"


Thank you for your wonderful energy, vibrance, heart and soul that you put in to making my experience very enjoyable and enlightening

As I head into my 50th year I decided a bit of a makeover was needed as I tend to steer away from colour.  Finding out my body and face shape was interesting and my colours; cool, muted & soft.

Armed with the app, I managed to bring colour into my wardrobe and buy a few other things I would never normally!

I feel I am ready to go out there in my new fur coat to be 50 and FABULOUS!!!


For my daughter's 13th birthday, Leisl presented to her and a handful of friends, some advice and tips on style, class, fashion (appropriateness - not from the nagging mommy's mouth) and some basic skin care and make up tips.

The girls LOVED it! 

Leisl is energetic and fun, and most of all she is cool (and for us moms...she's a mom too) !

Between fits of laughter and giggles and without knowing it, they left with great advice on what you need as a young teen in your wardrobe, and how to wear the current fashion, appropriately, without attracting unwanted attention for the wrong reasons.

'No need to wear lots of make up, just let your natural beauty shine through' is what many of the moms reported back from their daughters.

Thank you Leisl for sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience.  One day, when we (and by that i mean my daughter) all grown up we will definitely be back for a full style consultation.


I recently had the enjoyable experience of an online Style and Colour Consultation with Leisl and would recommend her to anyone thinking about having one.

I had heard Leisl’s interview on the KFM drive show with Carl Wastie and got in touch with her as it was something I’d wanted to do for some time but didn’t know where to start.

I haven’t yet met Leisl in person due to the social distancing restrictions in place with CV-19 but she quickly put me at ease at the start of the consultation.

Her professionalism, warm personality and passion for her subject of work is contagious! The 90 minute session passed by in a flash.

The consultation was adapted for the online experience and I was surprised at how much background work was put into the preparations – it was great value & totally worth it!

Leisl has a support base of peers from the South African Image Academy (SAIA) to draw on when needed and used this network for my consultation. An added bonus to the consultation is the free use of the SAIA app which I’ve already used when out shopping to keep me on track when I’m unsure on a particular colour choice or style

~ JO LUBBE - HVAC Consulting Engineer at Jo Lubbe & Associates

"Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down for a consultation with Leisl. I was not sure what to expect. I was absolutely blown away by the experience and level of professionalism that Leisl gave. The value far outweighs the investment. I cannot recommend this service enough... it's liberating!"


"I had a wonderful experience with Leisl who did my Style and Colour Consultation. Receiving and going through my very own personal new Style and Colour APP, on my phone at the tap of a button!! I was amazed at some of the information received that I would never have known, yet ever think about eg. My personal makeup tones for my skin, eyeshadow colours to lipstick colours, tricks on how to enhance or deter from certain facial and body features, discovering new clothing colours that suit my skin tone and personality. I had so much fun. Best of all, I now have the APP to guide me when I go shopping. One very happy customer thanks to Leisl."


"Leisl did an amazing job showing me what colours work best with my skin as well as how to dress for my body type. It’s boosted my confidence knowing that I’ve got clear understanding of what works for me. I am looking forward to a great year of experimenting with these new styles and colours."


I found my Style and Colour Consultation with Leisl incredibly informative. It brought my attention to areas of style that I had'nt considered. It made me more aware of my specific body type and the most flattering ways to dress. Having had a baby 3 months ago, it's tricky finding the time to dress up and focus on my wardrobe. Leisl suggested some brilliant ways to organize my wardrobe that allows me to save time selecting what to wear each day. I found the colour  consultation particularly interesting. I had no idea how dramatically colour could enhance or dull down your overall look. I'm so grateful to Leisl for the time she took to make the experience super informative, enjoyable, beneficial and so convenient.


I have been in retail for about 30 years and worked alongside Leisl and knew her style. I always thought I had a good eye for colour. Time passes, careers change, challenges arrive and ones confidence is shaken. I thought it would be important to have my Style and Colour Consultation with Leisl to find out what all the hype was about and to brush up on my colour knowledge. I own my own business and usually dress down although I continually ask myself if I am too casual for meetings? I met with Leisl and straight away noticed the change in her style and colour which is huge as she always appeared to look her best. She took me through a very relaxed yet informative process with loads of questions being asked during the consultation from the both of us. Time just flew past however I enjoyed every minute of it. Boom! Colour and tones have a whole new meaning when you focus on what is best suited for your skin undertone and brings out the best in you. I discovered how best to dress for my body shape, face shape and even my height. I walked away feeling confident as if I was heading back to my A-game on a personal and professional manner. The experience was enjoyable and had made me ensure I buy and wear clothing to suit me based on what I learnt. I am not wasting money and being unhappy with my purchase any longer. The new swing in my step really makes me feel brand new! Thank you Leisl


"Since Leisl took me through the paces of colour and style consultation, I have been more aware of my clothing, how to wear them, which colours to wear and how to put outfits together to suit my body shape, face shape and my hairstyle. Bright colours were recommended for me and I must admit that when I shop, I look for bright colours, colourful prints and patterns and certain types of clothing too. The way my wardrobe looks now is very different as Leisl did a wardrobe consultation as well. There were some aspects that she mentioned that I was aware of but it was nice to get affirmation that there were some things that I was doing right. This was a great experience and changed the way I look at items of clothing when shopping. I would highly recommend that you make use of her services."


"I have always bought a good quality wardrobe. The only problem was that I stuck to safe options and stepped out of my comfort zone in choosing a colour which I soon realized after I had my style and colour consultation with Leisl that it was the wrong colour and did not bring out the best in me. The other mistake I made was to buy crew neck t-shirts, thinking I could hide my bosom but in fact it was putting more emphasis on it. I have now learned that its best for me to wear v-neck tops which take away the emphasis on my bosom and thus also making me look thinner. The other mistake I’ve made was to cover my buttocks with long tops thinking it would make me look slimmer. This has actually created the opposite effect and I have learnt to tuck in my tops with my body shape to make me appear thinner giving me some gorgeous curves too. My hair colour choice was on point but I learnt how best to style my hair to make my face look more flattering. I have received so many compliments from people now that I have adapted what I learnt in the Style and Colour Consultation with Leisl. It was the best decision I have ever made and it was truly life changing. At age 50 years, it’s never too late to make a change for the better."


What a fabulous experience it was having a Style and Colour Consultation with Leisl. I learnt so many unexpected and new things about body shapes and colour that work best for me. It has completely changed my thinking when I choose outfits for different occassions. A very enlightening  and informative consultation


I did my Style and Colour Consultation and loved it. It was really amazing to see how colour can change your look from either draining you completely or making you look alive. I went out for dinner after taking Leisl's advice on just one item and gosh, the compliments I received were great. I cannot wait to put the innovative APP to full use once we get the all clear from covid-19


"I consulted with Leisl who assisted me in finding the style and colour that best suit me and the colour combinations that I should be wearing. She identified shops like Cotton on and Zara that will suit my style personality. During that past 4 months I have bought most of my clothes at cotton on and I followed the colour chart that I received from her. The colours that suit me best is warm and muted. This makes shopping so much easier and nicer because I know what I am looking for and I feel good in these colours."


I had the privilege of having a Style and Colour Consultation  and was blown away by her knowledge and passion for what she does.

I had a fair idea of what I thought my style and colours were, as I have been around the block for a few decades, but nothing prepared me for what she shared with me.

I was a bit outdated with my ideas and just one example was the colour of my precious metal accessories that I had been wearing for the last few decades, never giving a thought of what colour complimented my skin tone. Who knew that white gold, yellow gold or rose gold could make such a difference when its “your” colour.

I loved learning about different face shapes and what shape I really am versus what I thought mine was and especially about “my” colour palette and the colours that really “do it” for me.

What impressed me the most, is the dedicated way she invests her time and effort to continuously follow up, encouraging me to be a better version of myself.

Leisl doesn’t just give you what you think you need, she inspires and motivates, doing what she has been put on this earth to do, change the world…. one women at a time!


Thank you Leisl for the amazing Style and Colour Consultation session. Since my session, I have learnt so much when it comes to what style and the type of clothes I should wear. I've been experimenting with styles I would not normally wear. The biggest thing for me is that I am very tom boyish and my old way of dressing did not make me feel very feminine. I have received more compliments now and this makes me feel more confident that " I can take on the World"

I also feel that this is an important skill that needs to be passed to retail store staff.

A Happy Client 


Sometimes one can never be too sure if you are on the right track, and that applies to most things in life.  So when the opportunity came up to have a style and colour consultation with Leisl, I jumped at the opportunity.

I found I was on track...somewhat, which was a relief.  But what was of even greater value was the ability to fine tune and further establish what the right choices were for me with Leisl. My consultation was comprehensive and informative and Leisl was concise and definitive in her approach.

Due to living in the Seychelles, most of my shopping is done online and this has not only seen me give away a lot of items that just didn't fit right but was also a costly exercise.  From what I have learnt through my consultation with Leisl ( and now also through the app) I have found that I have become more discerning with my shopping. This has not only benefited my choices in quality, but also financially. Which is such a major plus.

But what is even more special about my consultation was how Leisl approaches her craft and her understanding of the challenges women face with making the right choices for themselves and why I would without a doubt recommend her services.


I had the pleasure of having my colour consultation and a personal shopping experience with Leisl. I found her to be very professional, wonderfully knowledgeable and had really great advice. She helped me find colours and styles that suit my skin tones and personality while shopping. I totally loved the experience and would highly recommend her in finding your style as this is a great confidence booster and necessary for every woman.


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