1.5 hours

"I don’t have anything to wear in my wardrobe!"

"I have no clothes!"

Sound familiar?


Well most times it’s all about the lack of knowledge when shopping, when it comes to what suits your body shape and style personality.  

In this session, I will show how to wear up to 80% of your wardrobe.

I will address your body shape, neck length and how best to dress accordingly to flatter your body. 

You will learn how to disguise or minimize certain ‘flaws’.

You will be taught how to identify your face shape and learn how to wear hairstyles, accessories and eye wear to best suit it.

You will discover your style personality which makes shopping easier as you will not need to buy another item of clothing that doesn’t suit your style personality.

I will also cover the elements of design to best suit your needs.

Most importantly, you will learn how to save yourself loads of time and money when shopping as you will become better equipped to make informed decisions.

I do recommend you do the style and colour consultation together for optimum results



1.5 hours

Colour is the first thing people notice about you and it will leave a lasting impression on them.

Wearing the right colours can enhance your eyes, hair and make you look younger, healthier and brighter.

In the colour consultation, I address the following:

  • Your eye pattern

  • Your colour flow and the actual colours that work best for you

  • Your colour personality

  • What type of metals to wear

  • What colour make-up suits your colouring

  • What eyewear is best suited for you

  • Hair colour recommendations

  • What prints and designs suit you best

Shopping will become much more exciting when you know what colours to choose and which colours to stay away from.

The most empowering feeling is knowing what colours bring out the best in your skin tone. This knowledge will also save you loads of time and most importantly, money in the long run! 


R2500 p/person (face to face session)

Unsure of what to wear, what style best suits you, or what colours are right for you? Never have anything to wear?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this full style and colour consultation is exactly what you need.

This is THE I-Ching! The very foundation of building your wardrobe.


The reason that we make so many “mistakes” when shopping comes down to our lack of knowledge identifying our own styles to suit our body shape, or knowing what colours suit our complexions, eyes and hair colour.


I will guide you and show you how to achieve this and show you how to save time and money. No more purchasing items that will hang in your closet with tags in tact, never being worn.


After the +/- 3 hour consultation spent together, I leave you with nothing less than a revolutionary, ground breaking, innovative APP with ALL your styles, colours, hair colours, metals, makeup, at your fingertips to take along when shopping or dressing to go out or to work.

This is a very personalized session for me to better understand your needs too


R350 p/hour

min 2 hours

Most women only wear 20% of whats in their wardrobe and most times are not even sure of everything they own. 


In the wardrobe clean out, we address the following:

  • Declutter your wardrobe

  • We pile your items into different catergories

  • I advise you on what styles best suit your body shape and colour skin tone

  • How to determine whether an item needs to be given to charity, taken to a tailor for alterations, thrown out or kept

  • Why you will never wear certain items in your wardrobe even though they still have a tag on

  • We will identify what is lacking in your wardrobe

  • The above includes clothing, shoes, bags and accessories

  • Re-pack and colourblock your wardrobe


R350 p/hour

Shopping can be a daunting experience for most, especially when you don’t have the time, or you are not sure what to wear, or what suits your body shape.

The wide variety and selection in stores can also be very overwhelming. 


When you book a personal shopping experience with me, I will teach you how to shop for your body shape and colouring and not waste any money or time on the items you will never wear or those items that hang in your wardrobe with the labels still in tact.


 Whether you are looking for a work outfit/capsule, outfit for an event or special occasion or simply want to update your wardrobe, I will guide you through the stores and will take the stress out of shopping with my honest and expert advice.


It’s loads of  fun too!



I work to educate companies in Professional Image,


I focus on style and etiquette in the Corporate environment, focusing on equipping company's’ personnel to look their best, and in doing so, portray a positive image for the company.

This is a fun and informative session with lasting results.


R500 p/person (min of 10 staff attendees)

1-2 hour workshop

In this workshop, I will educate you in and cover the following points:

  • Image in the workplace

  • How to dress (male and/or female)

  • Body language

  • Make-up and hair in the workplace


R1000 p/person (min of 10 staff attendees)

4 - 5 hour workshop

In this workshop, I will educate you in and cover the following points:

  • Image in the workplace

  • How to dress (male and/or female)

  • Body language

  • Make-up and hair in the workplace



  • Visual success

  • How to speak

  • Basic professional etiquette

  • In depth make-up


·         Perfect for Team building.

·         Build a positive and professional image for your company.



R1500 p/person (min of 10 attendees)

During a 5-hour Master Class you will receive the following:


  • Full Style and Colour consultation

  • Make up lesson



I will determine your body shape, segments, face shape, neck length and carry out a complete Flow Colour Analysis. 

All this will be recorded onto your APP which you get to take home where you will have access to all of the following:

  • Garment styles and colours

  • Hair colours

  • Make up colours

  • Accessories

  • Metals

  • Style personality

The class is carried out in a group setting and offers GREAT value for money!




From R3000 or request a quotation

40 - 90 mins

Book Leisl as your Guest Speaker or as an MC to host your next book club, ladies group event, party, or business conference.

With her excellent people skills, her vast experience in health and wellness, and her outgoing and bubbly persona, she is bound to WOW the crowd!


Informative, insightful and a whole lot of fun! 




Starting a new job?

Needing a change in your life due to circumstances? 

Looking for a fresh and new look?


Book the COMPLETE MAKEOVER today if you answered YES to any of the above. 


There is nothing more liberating than re-inventing yourself to look and feel like a brand new person. It gives you a new lease on life and does wonders for boosting your confidence!


In the COMPLETE MAKEOVER PACKAGE, Leisl will cover the following with you:


  • Style and Colour consultation - 3 hrs

  • Access to our innovative SA Image Appearance APP to take home with you

  • Personal Shopping - 2 hrs

  • Make-up lesson - 1 hr (On request, a professional make-up artist can be arranged to create a full faced make-up look at an additional cost.)

  • Hair - min 2 hrs (This is a separate cost charged at salon rates. Rates to be requested prior to booking)

  • Before and After pictures

Lets get you looking and feeling FAB!



R150 p/person (min of 10 & max of 30 attendees)

1 hour workshop

The "TWEEN" stage is a very exciting stage for a young girl's development, as they are embarking on a whole new journey to becoming a teenager! 

Leisl gives a very insightful and fun talk about pre-teen development.

Being a mom herself, she has a great way of connecting with the girls on a deeper emotional level too, and touches base on how social media can determine one's self worth based on "HOW MANY LIKES" are received for posts on Social Media platforms, how one's "IMAGE" is so much more than just your exterior, and how your "SELF IMAGE" and perception is key in determining your value.

In a superficial world, teaching self worth and appreciation is JUST as important as presenting yourself in an aesthetically pleasing way to the world. For you are MOST fabulous when your exterior appearance and your self appreciation meet in the middle.  


Topical points covered in this workshop are the following:

  • Tips and guidelines on how to dress

  • Basic make-up DO's and DON'TS

  • How to carry yourself with confidence

  • Social Media tips - sculptured to fit the modern day world.




R150 p/person (min of 10 & max of 30 attendees)

1 hour workshop

Becoming and being a teenager can be as daunting as it can be exciting.

The world is ever evolving and filled with the bustle of friends, school, extra murals, family and social media. 

Being a mother to TWO teens herself, Leisl has the experience and the patience to relate to these young minds.

She helps them simplify their world and achieve their ideal image by focusing on the importance of identifying their own sense of style, and assists them with the mental and emotional tools to apply it all while not losing sight of understanding the importance of self worth, self respect and self appreciation. 

The following topical points are covered in this workshop:


  • Creating your own personal style and personality

  • How to dress to flatter your body shape

  • The DO's and DON'TS of dressing up and what image you wish to portray

  • Dressing up when going out

  • Building confidence, self esteem and self love

  • DO's and DON'TS of wearing make-up

  • Social Media presence and image



R150 p/person (min of 10 & max of 30 attendees)

1 hour workshop

This informative workshop is aimed at and designed for:


  • The new graduate, fresh out of varsity or college, ready to start their new journey and career in the working world. 

  • The woman embarking on a journey to a new job, new entrepreneurship and building her own brand, business executive or the working woman looking to get noticed. 

A person is aesthetically judged by their appearance within the first 20 seconds of an encounter. in this workshop, Leisl will show you how to dress the part, and arrive with confidence. You will be ready to rock any interview or meeting!

The following topical points are covered in this workshop:


  • How to dress for success

  • How wearing the right colours determines a better success rate

  • Dressing appropriately for the office environment

  • How to build the foundation for your working wardrobe on a budget

  • Mix and match outfits.



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